Where you are instantly captivated

The Charm of fine Northern Italian cuisine. The Charm of a family owned business. The Charm of a new dream and a new place.

The Charm is a translation for “l’incanto” in Italian. Other terms could be “enchanting” or “spell.” The owners found the name while sharing a favorite 2012 vintage bottle of wine. They thought it was perfect to describe their vision for a new restaurant in downtown Greer, a very charming place itself.

Carlos and Kristi have vast experience in the restaurant industry but wanted a fresh start – and wanted to give people something different. The Greer location is actually a big part of that.

“We fell in love with Greer. The street and building are charming. It’s a quaint, little town. Very welcoming. There’s lots of history here, but there’s development happening too. The plans for revitalization, a new hotel, a parking garageā€¦ This place is evolving, and we have great timing.”

– Kristi Echeverri