L’INCANTO brings you a very special dinner menu for the month of December 2022. Book your private table or group event with us now. ‘Tis the season to enjoy many treats – Northern Italian style!

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SOURDOUGH BATARD BREAD $6 ….. EVOO, balsamic and parmigiano dipping oil

LUMACHE $19 ….. Helix snails “escargot” in a traditional garlic-parsley butter sauce

CARCIOFI $19 ….. Artichoke bottoms stuffed with Maryland crab meat in a dill, dijon and champagne cream sauce

RAVIOLO DI IMOLA $20 ….. Soft organic egg yolk raviolo, spinach, ricotta, parmigiano, fresh black truffle peelings with a brown truffle butter

ROASTED GOAT CHEESE $18 ….. Eggplant, roasted red peppers, zucchini, balsamic reduction

CAPRESE $20 ….. Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic reduction

Insalata & Zuppa

PASTA E FAGIOLI $13 ….. Tuscan cannellini bean soup with farfalle pasta, garlic, onions, fresh basil and prosciutto di parma, San Marzano tomato

BIBB $16 ….. Hydroponic bibb lettuce with anjou pear, prosciutto di parma, ricotta salata, California walnuts, ricotta and orange crema

MISTA $16 ….. Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, carrot ribbons, parmigiano cheese, balsamic vinaigrette


BOLOGNESE $30 ….. Rigatoni pasta, pork and veal shank ragu with bone marrow in a San Marzano tomato sauce, topped with mascarpone cheese and orange zest

CAPELLINI ARUGULA & SHRIMP $30 ….. Capellini pasta, baby arugula, shrimp, San Marzano tomato sauce

AGNOLOTTI DI ZUCCA $30 ….. Housemade half moon shaped raviolis, filled with butternut squash, topped with sage brown butter sauce, fresh mozzarella and crushed amaretti biscotti

LOBSTER RAVIOLIS $38 ….. Lobster filled raviolis in a lightly spiced tomato vodka cream sauce

Piatti Di Mezzo

SALMON AL NOCE $36 ….. Faroe Island salmon filet, dijon and pine nut encrusted, chablis and diced tomato sauce, with fresh basil

SEA BASS $50 ….. 8 ounce Chilean sea bass, nut encrusted, served over grilled portobello mushroom, milanese sauce

SEVEN FISH CELEBRATION $125 ….. Snapper, scallops, calamari, octopus, mussels, shrimp, lobster tail, marecchiara sauce with cherry peppers

COSTOLETTA DI MAIALE $37 ….. Parmigiano encrusted center cut pork chop thinly pounded, topped with baby arugula, roma tomatoes and parmigiano in a cognac, rosemary, lemon and veal stock

VITELLO KRISTI $36 ….. Veal scallopini topped with eggplant, prosciutto di parma, fresh tomatoes and Danish fontina in a marsala wine, sage and shallot sauce

VEAL SHANK OSSO BUCCO $55 ….. 8 hour braised veal shank in a marsala sauce, mushroom risotto

VEAL CHOP PARIOLI $50 ….. 16 ounce bone-in veal chop, green peppercorn, porcini mushroom and dijon cream sauce

FILET MIGNON $55 ….. 8 ounce prime filet, gorgonzola cognac cream sauce

RACK OF LAMB $60 ….. 18 ounce Australian rack of lamb, herb breadcrumb encrusted, rosemary, garlic and white wine sauce, fruit mostarda









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